How to Close a CRKT M16 Knife Properly?

How to Close a CRKT M16 Knife Properly?

How to Close a CRKT M16 Knife Properly?

When you are going to use a CRKT m16 knife, you will definitely want to know How to Close a CRKT M16 Knife Properly. This is because it will help you to have a much better grip on the blade when you are using it.


The CRKT M16 is one of the most popular knife series. This ambidextrous one-hand opening knife has been a best-seller for CRKT since its introduction in 1999. It’s an affordable tactical knife, which is perfect for daily carry.

The knife is made from stainless steel, which is very sturdy. CRKT stands behind its products, and they offer a lifetime warranty. However, if you damage or modify your knife, the warranty is gone.

The M16 handles are based on stainless steel liners and have a reversible clip. Aside from its durability, the reversible clip allows you to use it either tip up or tip down.

The blade is made of 12C27 Sandvik steel, which is known for its excellent edge retention. It has a spear point style. That means it’s easier to cut through vegetables than it would be with a conventional blade.

What is a CRKT M16 knife?

The CRKT M16 is a high quality tactical knife. It features an 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade and frame lock. This is a good, inexpensive option for an EDC knife.

The CRKT M16 comes with a unique Carson Flipper. This innovative mechanism is designed to ensure the quick deployment of the blade. In addition, it creates a true hilt when the knife is opened.

Aside from being a cool looking knife, the CRKT M16 also features the AutoLAWKS automatic safety system. This mechanism automatically engages the opening and closing of the blade. But despite its convenience, there are some major shortcomings in the design.

First, it is too small to operate one-handed. Second, it can be difficult to close. Fortunately, it can be easily fixed with Loctite.

How to close the CRKT M16 knife?

The CRKT M16 is a classic model and one of the most popular CRKT knives. This series has been produced by CRKT for over ten years. The M16 line includes a variety of models, with the most popular being the M16-04KS and M16-13ZLEK.

These knives feature a variety of features. Among them are the AutoLAWKS knife safety and the Carson flipper. They also feature an ambidextrous pocket clip.

The CRKT M16-10KZ is an incredibly light EDC knife. It weighs 2.3 ounces and has a blade length of 3 inches. Despite its small size, this model offers a lot of features.

Aside from its impressive size, the CRKT M16-10KZ has an AutoLAWKS knife safety. This system automatically actuates when the blade is opened, preventing accidental opening.

While the AutoLAWKS system does provide a very good locking mechanism for the M16, there are a few shortcomings. First, the AutoLAWKS mechanism can actually lock up too tightly to close the knife. Another issue is that the mechanism can snag and drag along the knife’s liner.

Tips to use CRKT M16 knife

One of the most popular folding knives, the CRKT M16 has been around for a while. Although it has evolved over the years, the basic design remains the same. It is made with a hollow grind and has a blade that is 0.098 inches thick.

The CRKT M16 is available in a number of different steels. AUS-8 is a low-cost alloy that offers good edge retention and stain resistance. CRKT also recommends AUS-4, a slightly less expensive version of AUS-8.

The CRKT M16-10KZ is a scaled down version of the M16 series. This is an ideal size for EDC users and carries a 3″ standard edge. When closed, the knife measures 4″ in length.

While a small tactical knife, the M16-10KZ still provides plenty of features. It has an automatic knife safety system, called AutoLAWKS. The AutoLAWKS system uses a spring to push a bar into place automatically when the knife opens.


The CRKT M16 is the culmination of the company’s efforts to produce a series of versatile folding knives. These knives are a great choice for anyone who wants a practical and affordable knife. But if you’re not sure whether or not to purchase one, there are a few things to consider.

First, you should know that there are many variations of the M16 series. While most of them are quite similar, they all feature different blade shapes and materials. Some are more useful than others, depending on your needs.

CRKT M16-12ZER EMT Tanto: This model was designed with emergency responders in mind. It has a tanto-style blade, and the repositionable pocket clip lets you easily change the position of the blade. AUS4 steel is the material that is used in this knife.

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