How to Close a CRKT Drifter Knife?

How To Close A Crkt Drifter Knife

If you’re wondering how to close a crkt drifter knife, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some simple steps to help you get started.


A CRKT Drifter is an excellent EDC (everyday carry) knife. Its compact size makes it easy to slip into a pocket. Despite its small size, it is well built and comfortable to hold.

The CRKT Drifter is a great promotional item. You can personalize it by adding your own company logo or message.

With its nested liners, the Drifter is a versatile tool that can be used with or without a lanyard. For added convenience, the handle features a lanyard hole that allows the knife to be wrapped around your wrist.

This EDC knife is available in two versions, the Stainless Steel Handle and the G10 Handle. Each comes with an 8Cr14MoV stainless steel blade and a black stainless steel clip.

The Stainless Steel Handle version comes with a gray titanium nitride finish. Whether you choose the stainless steel or the G10 handle, the Drifter is a versatile choice.

what is the crkt drifter knife?

The CRKT Drifter is a small pocket knife that is built to be a utility tool. It is sturdy, reliable, and comes at a decent price.

It is made from 8Cr14MoV steel, and it is a drop-point blade that opens smoothly. It also features a hollow grind and a fine tip. There are a few different models of the CRKT Drifter. These include the G10 and stainless steel versions.

Compared to other folders, the Drifter is relatively lightweight. This is thanks to the embedded liners, as well as the G10 handle. However, the 3.5-inch handle length is not sufficient to support a larger blade. That means that it will only work well for everyday carry.

The blade is also a bit thin, so it can be fragile in some situations. However, it is also very sharp from the factory.

how to close crkt drifter knife?

The CRKT Drifter is a medium-sized, value folder. It is a good choice for an EDC knife in just about any situation. Compared to its competitors, the Drifter is affordable, sturdily built, and has user-serviceable hardware.

The Drifter comes with a nearly 3-inch blade, which makes it ideal for cutting, piercing, and slicing. The blade features a sharp edge and a hollow grind.

The Drifter is also lightweight due to its G10 handle and embedded liners. This makes it easier to carry in a pocket.

Another plus is the lanyard hole, which lets you wrap the knife around your wrist and prevents it from falling out. Also, the CRKT Drifter has dual thumb studs.

When closed, the Drifter weighs just 2.3 oz. To open it, you can either flip the blade or use a fingertip to do so. You’ll find the latter to be the easiest way.

tips to use crkt drifter knife

If you want a high quality pocket knife at a great price, you should consider buying the CRKT Drifter. This affordable option is built with a sturdy blade and a robust liner lock system. It’s a popular choice among users who appreciate a recurve blade and a fine tip.

The Drifter’s compact size makes it an ideal everyday carry (EDC) choice. It’s made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The handle is G10, which provides a lightweight, sturdy feel.

When closed, the Drifter weighs 2.3 oz. The knife has a 3.5 inch handle, which is long enough for most adults to use. In addition, it has a lanyard hole, which is a handy way to keep the knife from getting lost.

The Drifter features an InterFrame build and stainless steel liners. This gives it a smooth, reliable deployment.


The CRKT Drifter is a nice quality, well-built pocket knife. It has a solid grip, an ambidextrous thumb stud, and a decent amount of corrosion resistance. For the money, it’s a good value. Unlike many other knives in the same category, it’s easy to carry, opens and closes with aplomb, and isn’t limited to the right-handed axis.

There are numerous reasons to buy a CRKT Drifter, but a few of the most common are convenience, portability, and a simple one-hand opening mechanism. It also has an interesting lanyard hole, which can be used to strap around your wrist or attach to your belt.

As for the blade, it’s a full-tang 8Cr14MoV stainless steel construction. It’s not exactly the same as a Japanese-made Kershaw or Spyderco, but it’s more than adequate.

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