(Knives from past shows or collections)

We would like to create a history of Ken's knives.  I invite anyone who has high quality photos that they'd like to share to email them in. Thanks to the photographers/owners who took these shots.

SuperGold 2, Black Timascus, Bark Mammoth
Damascus and G10

Large Black G10
Small Pink G10


Black Timascus Spite and Bracelet

Flawless ball bearing inlays

CJ Cai Engraved DeadSexy

Damascus and G10 Spite

Sibling - Damascus and Mammoth with ball bearing accents

Tirade - Cowry and Timascus

CJ Cai Engraved Samurai Habu

Melee - Curly Koa


Las Vegas 2006

Damascus Taboo


Dead Sexy(s)

Zero Tolerance Proto

Midtech Studlock Offset



Las Vegas, 2005

Damscus Aqua2

Damascus Aqua2

Studlock Bump

Studlock Bump

Studlock Offet

Studlock Offset

CJ Cai "Samurai" Habu

CJ Cai "Samurai" Habu


Timascus Tirade

Timascus Tirade

Timascus Tirade



Plaza Cutlery Show, 2004




Ghost Damascus Melee

Ghost Damascus Melee

...with Opals in the backspacer

CJ Cai engraved clip



Hula Girl Bump

Engraving by CJ Cai

Incredible attention to detail

Fancy Bump

...with Cai engraved clip


Ghost Damascus Melee

High Contrast Damascus Melee

Talonite Tirade2

Group Shot



From Private Collections, photos by Mitch Lum, 2004

Tsunami Collection

Avalanche, Taskmaster, Random Task

Old School Fancy, New School Fancy

Group Shot

These knives come together from six private collections.  I would like to thank the owners of these knives for allowing me to gather them in one place to document a cross-section of Ken's older work.  


A few from Blade 2004

Studlock Bump

Studlock Bump (Backside)




CJ Cai Engraved Pieces:




Distorted (back side)

Melee (back side)

Heatwave (back side)


December 2003:

D2 Mojo

Tirade 2


Stitched Spade

San Mai Cowry Morph

San Mai Cowry Bumps

San Mai Cowry Tirade 2s

San Mai Cowry Morphs

San Mai detail


September 2003:

Carved Bump

Swooped Bump

Skin Patterned Storm

Brick Walled Storm

Flamed Thorn


Bump Trio

Storm Pair

The Group



From Private Collections, photos by Mitch Lum, 2003

S-Bolster Hydro

Carved S-Bolster Vapor

Midtech Boa (Gen1)

Kershaw 25th Anniversary Knife

Task Master

Task Master and Anniv. Knife


Custom, Midtech, and Factory

Custom Boa, Titanium handled liner-lock

Custom Random Task

Micarta Task Master

Task Pair

Midtech Morph, Framelock

S-Bolstered Aqua

Group Collection

Carved Window Frame Bump

Mike Norris Damascus Bump

Bump Pair

Carved Blur - first carved knife




Private Collection, photos by Allen Martin, 2003

Oosic Double Action Auto

Pearl Double Action Auto

Mammoth Ivory Spear Point Double Action Auto

Tiger-stripped Curly Koa Manual

"Safe action" Speed-Safe Prototype

Titanium Drop Point


Mini Bowie

Spalted Maple Tanto

Redwood Burl Chute Knife


From the Original Onionweb ™

Tamarind Bowie

Dagger Pair: Speed-Safe and Double Action

Early Morphs

Damascus Morph

Steven Segal's Knife



  BAKCA (Bay Area Knife Collectors Association) Show 2001   


From the Bladeart collection









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